Vegetable Dairy Alternative

Vegetable dairy alternatives are produced from vegetable oil and can be used instead of or supplementary to dairy cream.
Our vegetable dairy alternatives are perfect for decorating cakes, mousses, desserts, hot drinks and filled pastries. Additionally, after whipping is it easy to add fruits, flavours, nuts, liquid chocolate, etc. 

Scandic Food supplies these products to customers in 60 countries and thousand of tons are sold all over the world every year.

  • Danica Sweetwhip 1l
  • Danica Caterwhip 1l
  • Danica Premium Sweetwhip 1l
  • Danica Cuisine 25% 1l
  • Danica Cuisine 15% 1l
  • Danica Cuisine 30% 1l
  • Uniwhip Sweet 1l
  • Uniwhip Neutral 1l
  • Uniwhip Gourmet 1l